Top 7 Baby Gender Prediction Beliefs in India

boyorgirlAs baby sex revealing by Ultrasound is not legal in India, you will get to hear a lot of old-wife tales to predict your baby gender. Mostly they are not based out of facts and are more of fictions. Here is a list of baby gender prediction beliefs (myths) in India:


Sex of baby can be predicted


  • By the food you eat

    - If you crave for salty food it’s a boy and if you want to eat sweets it’s a girl.


Fact – You craving is nothing to do with your baby’s sex. It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. Same lady if delivers same sex baby twice, she might have different set of cravings each time.



  • Your tummy shape and size

    - If your tummy is low lying it’s a boy and if you are carrying high you are up for a girl


Fact – Tummy goes low as the baby gets ready for delivery. The shape of your body, your muscles strength, your pre-pregnancy structure and pregnancy postures define the size and shape of your tummy. Nothing to do with girl or boy!



  • By string test

    - Hold a string with a ring in it over your belly and if it moves back and forth it’s a boy; if it goes in a circle it’s a girl.


Fact – This isn’t true but it might be fun to try



  • Heart-rate of foetus

    – If the heart rate of baby is high you will deliver a girl if the rate is low it is going to be a boy


Fact – No study has proven this prediction. Heart rate will keep varying with pregnancy stages. Keep a check that it must not go out of the range (normal foetal heart rate is between 110 and 160 beats per minute)



  • Morning Sickness

    – If you have morning sickness it will be a girl baby. If the sickness is absent or minimal it is going to be a boy


Fact – The hormone “Relaxin” of the mother is responsible for nausea and morning sickness. Nothing is impacted by baby sex



  • Your looks –

    If you start looking beautiful during pregnancy you’ll have a daughter. If your skin starts pigmenting and your looks deteriorate in pregnancy it has to be a son!


Fact – There is actually no link between your appearance and baby gender.



  • Your activity level –

    If you are active during pregnancy, you’ll have a boy. If you are lethargic and lazy, it will be a girl.


Fact – The level of activity is determined by the fitness of your body. If you exercise regularly and eat healthy, you will be active no matter which gender you are carrying.




So stop worrying about baby gender. Eat healthy and keep fit by walking and exercising. Healthy baby is what you must look forward for!




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